Los Angeles Times & USA Today features Afua Hassan of The Birthing Place!

Los Angeles Times & USA Today features, Afua Hassan of The Birthing Place!

The Birthing Place a dynamic birthing facility, owned and operated by Afua Hassan, located in the heart of 3rd Ward. Her services have been rendered for over 30 years and she has assisted in hundreds of births.  We are a full service birth center whose services offers dedicated support and community programs including: prenatal, natural childbirth, postnatal, and lactation services. Our prenatal services include home birth, water birth, multiples, VBAC and VBAC2, breech, and well woman exams. In addition to our personalized birthing experience, we offer group prenatal, dads support groups, and other meeting opportunities to embrace the motherhood journey.

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"The birth you want is something to want!"

"The birth you want is something to want!"

Due to the rate increase of Cesarean, it has become an anomaly for a woman to experience a truly natural birth.  Also known as the un-medicated birth, it has been increasingly neglected due to the medical institutionalization of birth in North America. Most women forget birthing is a natural experience that, in most cases, does not need medical intervention. The Birthing Place eliminates the need for unnecessary interventions all while providing a peace of mind.  While embarking on this journey, it is important to remember that women have been delivering babies naturally for millennia. It is what our bodies were designed to do regardless of being breech or having previous C-sections.


Every Mother Deserves the Luxury of aHome Birthing experience!

Every Mother Deserves the Luxury of a  Home Birthing experience!

Aside from utilizing a birthing center, a popular option is to deliver at home. Studies show that an unfamiliar environment can compromise a natural labor and delivery. Fear and discomfort can exacerbate the pain experienced in labor, while relaxation can actually diminish stress, improve oxygen flow to the baby, and provide a positive labor support for mom. At our birthing center, we allow our mothers to move about freely, wear her own clothes, eat and drink as she wants to keep up her energy, relax in a warm tub of water with essential oils and even birth in whatever position she feels comfortable in. Women are very in tune with what’s happening in their bodies, and most of the time they want to be in control during this process. Being in control at home in a familiar environment helps to eliminate fear and feelings of anxiety.

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A Water Birth Can Help Reduce and Manage Labor Pains!

Water Birthing Can Help Reduce and Manage Labor Pains!

At the Birthing Place, we encourage our mothers to take advantage of a water birth to help reduce and manage pain due to contractions during labor.  Whether labor occurs at home or in the birthing center, moms have the opportunity to utilize it. A water birth is when a woman gives birth in a tub or pool of water instead of on dry land.  Women may choose water birth as a method of pain coping, relaxation and for easier birthing.  It  has even been called “the natural epidural” and often prevents unnecessary interventions.


We are a full service women's health center located in the heart of Houston, TX and have been in operation here since 1985. At The Birthing Place we perform well woman exams, fertility consultations, extensive prenatal exams as well as comprehensive birth and postnatal services. You are able to birth your children in our clean and serene birth center located conveniently within the 610 loop only minutes from the Houston Medical Center or you may choose the comfort and convenience of a home birth with our loving and experienced midwife.


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