The universe has seen fit to partner me with a profession that I love!  As a midwife, I get invited to go on a journey of pregnancy, labor, birth and years after the event. This is one big family at The Birthing Place. Moms gather for group prenatal where we share stories, get needed information laugh and get fed all in a two hour span of time. One day a dad asked me when they would be able to share, so the dads group was born. What I like about this community is that families get together and spend time outside of The Birthing Place. Families have even had their second babies together and since they spent time together in their first pregnancies they have built in friends and a support system. My advice to all pregnant moms is to explore what you want/need in a healthcare provider. If you don't know what that is, spending time interviewing as many healthcare providers that you need until you find the right fit. Have a list of question of at least 10 question to ask them all. Record the consultation if you are not a good note taker. REMEMBER: You only get to birth this baby one time. There are no do overs. Just the next baby. THE BIRTH YOU WANT IS SOMETHING TO WANT.

Afua Hassan
(713)MIDWIFE  or  (713)643-9433
2218 Barbee Street, Houston Texas 77004


  • Afua created her community in Houston after moving from Connecticut and graduating from the Houston School of Midwifery in 1984. In 2011, she founded The Birthing Place, the only freestanding birth center owned and operated by a black midwife in Houston. Today, she has over 30 years of experience and has assisted in over 800 births.In 2011, Afua was approved to have a licensed birth center in which her home birth practice was already called The Birthing Place. The name was chosen because after about 15 years of practice, Afua realized that many woman did not believe that they could actually give birth. The majority of womens introduction to the medical model of care left them feeling that they needed a building called a hospital and a person called a doctor to give birth.  Her philosophy in her practice is that the mother is the captain, the partner is the co-captain and she is the advisor.

We are a full service women's health center located in the heart of Houston, TX and have been in operation here since 1985. At The Birthing Place we perform well woman exams, fertility consultations, extensive prenatal exams as well as comprehensive birth and postnatal services. You are able to birth your children in our clean and serene birth center located conveniently within the 610 loop only minutes from the Houston Medical Center or you may choose the comfort and convenience of a home birth with our loving and experienced midwife.


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  • 2218 Barbee St. Houston ,TX. 77004
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