• Labor Support

For any reason you are unable to give birth with us at The Birthing Place, you may still enjoy all of the benefits of midwifery care under the watchful eye of , Afua Hassan, until it is time to transfer to a nearby hospital.

  • Natural Home Birth

Enjoy a pure, natural, drug free birth, particularly anesthesia, in the comfort of your own home or our fully equipped birthing center!

  • VBAC & VBAC2¬†

We are very experienced in handling clients who have had up to two caesarean section and desire a vaginal birthing experience.

  • Breech

About three to five percent of woman will experience a breech birth.


(713)MIDWIFE  or  (713)643-9433
2218 Barbee Street, Houston Texas 77004


  • Childbirth Education Class

This class will thoroughly prepare you and your supporting cast for what to expect before, during, and after labor and birth.

  • New Born Care 

This class will help you learn how to utilize different techniques used to adjust to the overwhelming presence of a new born.

  • Breast Feeding 

In this class, you will be informed about when to Breast feed,  Milk supply, Latch and positioning,  Pumping basics.

  • Infant CPR 

This class will help you learn the proper CPR technique when handling an Infant or child.

  • Cloth Diapering Class

This class will help you select the right type of cloth as well as how to clean and maintain them for further usage.


    • Well Woman Exam

    This service includes a Breast Examination, a Pelvic Examination and a Pap Smear but may also include other procedures.

    • Postpartum Services

    This service includes the standard health checks of the baby after labor, assistance with breastfeeding, as well as ensuring a healthy recovery for the mother.

    • Placenta Encapsulation 

    Placenta Encapsulation provides many benefits to both mother and child.  These include: increase in milk supply, iron restoration and prevention of postpartum depression.

    • Mommy & Daddy Group Meet Ups

    In addition to our personalized birthing experience, we offer group prenatal, dads support groups, and other meeting opportunities to embrace the motherhood journey.


(713)MIDWIFE  or  (713)643-9433
2218 Barbee Street, Houston Texas 77004

We are a full service women's health center located in the heart of Houston, TX and have been in operation here since 1985. At The Birthing Place we perform well woman exams, fertility consultations, extensive prenatal exams as well as comprehensive birth and postnatal services. You are able to birth your children in our clean and serene birth center located conveniently within the 610 loop only minutes from the Houston Medical Center or you may choose the comfort and convenience of a home birth with our loving and experienced midwife.


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