Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of a handful of very talented and experienced service providers.  Click on any of our team members below to read more about who they are and how they benefit The Birthing Center.

Afua Hassan bio image

Afua Hassan

Owner, Licensed Midwife

Afua Hassan has been a licensed midwife in the Greater Houston Area for over 30 years.

Leah Whitley bio image

Leah Whitley

Lactation Consultant

Leah Whitley is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She prides herself in providing quality breastfeeding care within 24 hours of initial contact with mothers.

Andrea Palermo bio image

Andrea Palermo

Education Consultant & Doula

Andrea Palermo has been in love with babies since she was still one herself. She has cared for other's children since she was very young, has spent time as a teacher and nanny, and is now thrilled to be raising her own little girl.

Frances Coleman bio image

Frances Coleman

Certified Health Education Specialist, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and Trained Labor Doula

With 10 years of experience in Maternal and Child Health Education and the gift of motherhood to 3 children; Frances providers a vision and purpose to provide women and their support team with information and confidence.

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