Afua Hassan

Owner, Licensed Midwife

Afua moved to Houston to pursue a career in midwifery. She graduated from The Houston School of Midwifery in 1984.
Afua is the founder, owner and licensed midwife of The Birthing Place. The Birthing Place is the only free standing birth center that is owned by and operated by a black midwife in the city of Houston.  She is not trying to move or expand, she is happy to be comfortable in her space and skin but is thankful for the suggestion.

A few of the organizations Afua is a member of
  • International Center for Traditional Childbearing
  • Association of Texas Midwives
  • Greater Houston Midwives Alliance
  • International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)

Afua feels very proud to be in a group of professional business owners that can stand alone on the services that they provide. She considered moving her birthing center for more business, her business is located in the african american community historically third ward. Afua was told by another birth center owner to move and she would get more client. aqua always wanted to have it in a place similar to where she grew up. She believes every midwife has there own magic and her birth center symbolizes family and love. The best services are the home grown mom and pop business and she is proud if it. She is not trying to move or expand, she is happy to be comfortable in her space and skin.

Afua is thankful for the suggestion. In Afua’s practice it's important that the client know they are inviting her on THEIR journey. The mother is the captain, the partner is the co captain and Afua is the advisor. Being a midwife with over 30 years of experience, she has seen a lot and that is why the client will always choose their path/journey when you are a client of The Birthing Place.

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