Andrea Palermo

Education Consultant & Doula

Andrea Palermo has been in love with babies since she was still one herself.  She has cared for other's children since she was very young, has spent time as a teacher and nanny, and is now thrilled to be raising her own little girl.  She is available for a wide variety of motherhood needs, from childcare services to meal preparation to labor and postpartum doula care.  She is willing and able to tend to you, your children, your pets, your garden, and/or your home directly before, during, or after childbirth.  

Anything a parent could need she's done it, from designing the nursery to sewing baby clothes to making birthday cakes.  She has also translated her extensive teaching experience into custom classes at The Birthing Place and beyond, from baby sign language and communication to toy making to environmentally friendly parenting of all stripes.

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