Labor Support

We sometimes meet mothers who choose to or for some medical reason are required to give birth in a hospital setting, yet desire as natural and normal a birth as possible.  For these families we offer our early labor support, wherein you are invited to stay at The Birthing Place under the watchful eye of our midwife up until such time that transfer to the hospital is desired or necessary.  You will receive all the monitoring, guidance, and care any of our mothers would expect as well as full use of our birthing balls, beds, and our soothing tub.  Thanks to our proximity to the medical center you can stay with us until you are already 8 or 9 centimeters dilated before taking the 2 minute drive to the hospital of your choice.  

Unfortunately studies show that the longer you labor in the hospital the greater the likelihood that you will have unnecessary interventions suggested or imposed upon you.  Laboring outside of the hospital has long been proven to reduce the risk of such interventions, yet mothers often move to the hospital too early as they become nervous of what will happen if they don't.  Under Afua's watchful eye you can be assured that you and your child are healthy and safe up until the moment you are prepared to transfer to the hospital.  You may even have one of our doulas join you at the hospital for additional assistance should you choose.

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