Postpartum Services

After each and every birth Afua will personally come to check on your family to ensure baby is healthy and your family is adapting well to its newest member.  She performs postnatal visits for all of her mothers at 24 hours in the comfort of your home.  Subsequent postnatal checks occur at 1 week and 6 weeks at The Birthing Place or your home if necessary. Afua is available for additional visits should you need or desire them at any time. These include standard health checks of the baby, assistance breastfeeding or otherwise adjusting to the new normal of your lives as parents, as well as ensuring a healthy recovery for the mother, of course.

Both immediately after birth and at our 24 hour check we perform a variety of newborn assessments.  We check their APGAR scores, perform a hearing test, and check for a variety of possible disorders and congenital defects so you can have peace of mind with your new little one.


Placenta Encapsulation

The Birthing Place is pleased to offer placenta encapsulation services. Placenta encapsulation by The Birthing Place is uniquely prepared for each new mother, by midwife our midwife, Afua.

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